Make Healthy A Habit – Three Weeks Later

Here it is. Three weeks after my three-week long project of trying to make healthy a habit.

I thought I’d answer the same exact questions from before

Have I changed any habits?

Yes, I still maintain the changes I wanted to make. Not perfectly though, I will admit. I’ve gone through a fast food drive-thru twice in the past three weeks and I’m not proud. It was out of convenience. (And just for the record, In ‘n Out and El Pollo Loco doesn’t count as fast food to me. They’re more like once-in-a-while fun.) I have wine maybe two to three times a week and mostly two glasses or less. Big difference for me and I love that this has stuck. My diet has stayed way healthier with dehydrated fruit and kale chips leading the way in snacks as opposed to the kettle chips and candy days of 2015. I still have some other faults I’m trying to kick but those are more inward. I can say this though – a healthy life makes a healthy mind.

Is it getting easier every day to do so?

To some degree yes, but there are still challenging days. I miss things, like frozen soft pretzels and cereal bars, but learning about the unhealthy things inside them helps keep me stay strong.

Do I feel better?

Definitely. All over. Inside and out.

Does it take three weeks to make a habit?

It seems that three weeks is a pretty solid number to start with but effort is needed far beyond that, at least in my opinion.

Will I continue?

100%. And by my mind focusing on it so much right now, it seems that everyday I learn a new way to be more healthy and happy. The universe speaks, if you’re listening….

What does being healthy mean?

To me, it means treating my body the best that I can while being proactive by doing my own research about what is good or bad for me.

Thanks again, to all of you who have come along for the ride and showed support through likes, comments and shares. And for talking to me about it!

Stay tuned… I’ll keep you updated :)

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit


3 thoughts on “Make Healthy A Habit – Three Weeks Later

  1. Enjoy this subject. :D Hey do you ever read ?? I think you might enjoy her insight. Also, Dr. Rhonda Patrick over at has enough nerdy statistics and studies to keep you busy for days. I love them both. Stick with it. It’s okay to have cheat meals. Don’t beat yourself up. Just enjoy them with abandon, then be thankful and get back on the wagon. I don’t think we need to feel bad or guilty about eating trash once in a while. We didn’t as kids and we shouldn’t as adults, either, lest we let the negative emotions overwhelm us to the point that we just give up.

    PS do you use myfitnesspal? I find it really useful for tracking calories in/out so i know where I’m at every day. I’ve lost 67 lbs since 12 months ago and I did it by just being consistent and really examining WHY I’m eating at any given time. Boredom? Hungry? Is the hunger justified, or just my stomach whining but I know I already ate all the calories I need? That kind of thing. Cheers.


    • Thanks for reading Jay! I have on my list to check out. I think it was from a recommendation from you!
      I would like to rid my diet of fast food but I’m not entirely there yet. No beating up here though :) I have “cheat meals” that I occasionally eat now but I don’t want fast food to be one of them. Personal choice.
      No, I don’t use myfitnesspal. I’m not tracking my calories or trying to lost weight but rather just making healthy a habit so my body and mind can be at their best. If I were though, it seems like an interesting tool. Thanks for sharing! And for commenting!

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