About Me


Thank you for visiting!

I’m a born and raised upstate New Yorker, who moved to Southern California as a preteen when her father’s job transferred the family.

I never left…

I mean, come on. Pacific Ocean, Mountains, Desert and Snow all within a two-hour drive. Um, YES please, but we pay for it, trust me, with through-the-roof rent/square-footage prices.

However, I digress… :)

I wrote my first story at the age of eleven and pretty much never stopped writing, though it’s changed forms over the years, from screenplays to short fiction to my recent novel, Driving Your Mind, for which I am seeking representation and publication.

(In addition, I’ve written lots of other content, some of which can be found here, here, here and here for a few examples.)

I also write a blog on this site, in which I attempt to communicate my thoughts and experiences on my adventure of life.

And… I love the number 11. (If you start to read my blog regularly, you’ll see why I mention this ;)

Finally, here’s some pics of me. The top one is my 94-year-old Sicilian grandmother who taught me to work hard, love hard and cook every day. I make a mean bolognese. The hottie is my husband, going on six years. And the rest are me, some unfiltered, some a little touched up. I need a headshot, I think.


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