Make Healthy A Habit – One Week After

It’s been a week since I ended my three-week long project of making healthy a habit, and I thought about how it would be best to write this blog post. I decided to go with stream of consciousness…

it’s been a week. i almost bought cheese puffs today at the drugstore. I haven’t had a snack like that in four weeks and counting… I resisted and went with cashews. the decisions are getting easier, but the temptations are everywhere. must they put candy in front of you at all times? no wonder kids these days live off of instant gratification and have two-second attention spans. treats are in front of them everywhere. i digress. i’m back to doing yoga. weekly. and with my husband now. if possible, i love him more. i recommend couples do this. wine has gone back to being a treat. i have it about twice a week. that’s better. sparkling water is great with dinner. i’m snacking on a banana as i write this. my habits have changed. it’s been four weeks now. i just had pizza for the first time. i’ll never quit that. just won’t have it too often. i feel good.



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