The glass is half full.

A few things about me:

  • I graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Communications and minor in English Lit.
  • I was first LA assistant to renown film producer Scott Rudin when he was at Paramount.
  • I worked as Assistant Editor on the fourth season of American Idol.
  • For over a decade, I was a Script Analyst for Imagine Entertainment – Ron Howard and Brain Grazer’s prolific company.
  • I have written and directed short films that have played around the globe at film festivals, including my debut at the Palm Beach Film Festival in 2006.
  • Your Move, a short film I wrote, produced and directed, received distribution on Gaia TV for over five years.
  • I was recently on The Price Is Right and had a blast. I spun $1.00 on the big wheel!
  • I cover entertainment events around the globe, including working PR on the Red Carpet for the 2022 Emmy Awards.
  • I write news articles and content for websites that target audiences worldwide, in particular, articles based on entertainment, women, food & hospitality, mental health and philosophy.

Thanks for visiting!

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