11 Things I believed at 28 that I no longer believe at 38

2006. Apple stores had only been around for five years. You Tube was relatively new and smart phones had yet to come out… And I was 28 years old.

It’s always fascinating for me to reflect on the past and see how I’ve evolved and changed over the years.

A few nights ago, I was thinking about how much I used to hate having a regular schedule. Sure, I would work my regular three shifts at a local restaurant, but everything else was constantly in flux and I loved it. Now though, I’m feeling a little different. I’m finding I like having a regular set schedule to work on writing, filming and reading rather than the constantly changing day-to-day life I once thrived on.

Well, I started thinking about other things I had believed a decade ago that I no longer do and decided to write a blog post on them. So without further ado…

11 Things I believed at 28 that I no longer believe at 38

1. Politics are boring.

2. Healthy food is “low fat” products and vegetables.

3. Success is defined by my job.

4. I will always be thin without effort.

5. “Garden State” is a great film.

6. Myspace is cool.

7. Fifty is old.

8. Television sucks. (FYI – it was still the heyday of reality television.)

9. Music is best blasting loudly.

10. I’ll miss smoking cigarettes forever.

11. I don’t need anyone.


I’d love to hear how others have changed… please feel free to share!


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