being sick.

uh oh. what’s that? it better not be a ball in my throat. no. i’m not getting sick. it’s not a ball. it’s nothing. shit. my throat doesn’t feel right. i hope i’m not getting what everyone and their mom has. i’m not getting sick. it’s nothing. WAKING UP IS PAINFUL. Oh my god, i can’t swallow. well i can but it hurts like a bitch! and why am i sweating? oh shit. i think i’m getting sick. 100.1. is that really a fever? not too high though, right? i have to go to work. i can’t just leave them high and dry. oh shit. i shouldn’t be here. my body is aching in places i haven’t felt before. just do it, christina. suck it up. okay, it’s been three hours. the shift is done. i made it. home sweet home. bed sweet bed. sweat. chills. bad tv. lots of Kardashians, why do people care about them? nyquil. sleep. sleep. and more sleep. wake up feeling a tad better. things are looking up. store. more nyquil. oj. computer.

all day in bed.

this cold is going down by tonight.


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