Convenience isn’t always best

The other day, when my boyfriend and I were watching a movie, we wanted popcorn. His brain went straight to making stove top popcorn while mine shot right to the microwave kind. But when he mentioned the former, I was right there with him. And after he so sweetly ran out for kernels while I got to stay under the blanket, he mentioned that not all modern day “conveniences” are best and sometimes the old fashioned way is really still the best way.

Yes, electricity among many other things are Godsend, but he’s totally right! Not every thing needs to be made more “convenient” for the modern age. I started thinking about how this point applies to other things besides popcorn, sooooo…


1. MONEY – I want sound currency back.

2. COFFEE – I don’t even have to be a coffee drinker to know instant coffee is gross.

3. LEMONADE – Lemons, water and sugar. What’s with this powdered synthetic crap?

4. BOOKS – Give me a paperback any day of the week over an electronic screen. Not all things need to be in e-form.

5. FILM – I know many may disagree but I still see a difference in depth of field that is nearly impossible to replicate digitally.


7. BARBIE DOLLS – they once looked at least a little healthier…

8. LOVE LETTERS – Sure, they may be easier to type or email, but aren’t they truly best hand written?

9. REPORTERS – But wait, WAS there ever a time they actually reported news without bias?

Have any of yours to add??

2 thoughts on “Convenience isn’t always best

  1. i actually made popcorn in a pan for a snack yesterday! weeeeeeird dude. ummm, phone calls? I remember when you used to CALL people and not text message. That was nice. And it was always a mystery who was calling, it was exciting!


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