I did something for the first time recently. Something I’ve never wanted to do. Something I’ve always preferred doing myself rather than paying someone to do. Something that most people I know, both guys AND girls, have already done for the first time quite a while ago. Something I REALLY didn’t want to do but… circumstances put it in my lap. And so, I did it.

I got a professional manicure.

Before you roll your eyes, please understand that I don’t like being touched by strangers. And I really don’t like having my hands touched by anyone (except my boyfriend and family.) I’m quite particular about certain things, some would say including myself, and this is on the top of my list. Not far from the number one slot actually. But when this manicure-thing just kinda presented itself, I thought, “Hell, I should try it at least once.” If nothing more, I’d be doing something I feared and isn’t it always good to push oneself with that stuff?

So here’s the long story short: To celebrate Valentine’s day with my boyfriend, I decided to buy this Groupon thing for a massage/spa package for two. It was exactly what I was looking for at the price I wanted to spend. But there was also something included in this package that I could care less about.


They would already be paid for and were to be done after the massage/sauna/champagne spa-time. My boyfriend was happy at the thought of getting his nails cleaned so I figured now would be the time to give it a shot.

The moment the manicure started, I felt myself tightening up. My manicurist, who was male by-the-way, immediately went to work by holding my hands and buffing away. My boyfriend looked at me and smiled but I couldn’t really muster a good one up at that point. I already wanted it to be over.


But I stuck through it and tried desperately not to cringe every second.

At the end, I asked the manicurist, “What’s that?” and pointed to a little dark spot on the nail polish near my cuticle. “Just a little blood. Sorry,” he said nonchalantly. Oh, thanks. Just a little blood stuck in the nail polish on my fingers.

Then I smudged two of my fingers before even making it back to my car.

But I tried it. At least once.

Though never again.

And now I can say that with 100% certainty.


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