Today marks the tenth year since 9/11/01 happened. That was a day in which enemies of the United States hijacked U.S. air crafts and flew them into U.S. buildings, killing thousands of Americans. It was a day that will likely live in the memories of all those who witnessed it, both from up close and from afar, and of all those who were affected by it, whether from a grand scale or a smaller one. It was a direct attack on American soil, and will not easily be forgotten.

Dictionaries tell us remembrance is the act of remembering. And remembering is important. Understanding the past helps one deal with the future. Remembering that which came before can help line the road for that which is to come. Remembering helps one deal with life and the changes that come with it. Remembering can help ease the pain and salute the fallen, can help comfort the present and cheer their victories, can help appreciate a struggle and embrace the effect of such.

Remembrance is important.

I remember…

learning the twin towers had been destroyed by airplanes and being sent home from work.

my grandfather’s silent demeanor and amazing grilled steak.

my uncle’s relaxed state of being and love for his family.

the town I grew up in, in upstate New York, and the friends I had while doing so.

the day I finished Atlas Shrugged, which propelled me to go on and study philosophy for the rest of my life.

the day I learned my sister needed me.

the moment I met my beautiful nephew, who has shown me what love really means.

the day I was told I should meet a girl I would really like, who turned out to be someone who feels like an extension of myself and who became one of my closest friends.

the day I decided I didn’t want to be in a relationship for the sake of being in one, but rather only wanted to be in one that I was passionate about.

when I was made fun of in the seventh grade for, I believe, not understanding something.

the shooting of my very first short film, Making Your Tea, and how I’ve learned so much since then…

Remembrance is important, yes. It’s a wonderful source to learn from and lean on.

But it’s the present that is our here and now, the only moment we are guaranteed.

And it’s the future that is to come, for ourselves (hopefully) but most importantly, for the children after us.

Let us remember to fight for a better world for them. And let us never forget that.


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