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As most of my readers know, I am an independent filmmaker and I recently finished my latest short film, “Your Move”. It’s about to hit the 2012 festival circuit with a (hopefully) great run and I suddenly find myself feeling a bit of an “empty nest” syndrome. But rather than focus on that, my brain wandered to thinking about all those who have been cheering me along, lifted me up, kept me going when times got tough, and basically, been my cheering section as I navigated along the playing field…

After I graduated college, I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker but how to do that wasn’t as clear for me. I found myself working as an assistant editor and making a good living off it, working on shows like “American Idol” and “The Kennedy Center Honors”. But it wasn’t where my heart was and though I learned a ton on the job, I knew it wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to be, which was making my own films. So, long story short, I quit, went back to waiting tables and began making films. I’ve made short films, since they’re what’s been feasible for me, and I haven’t stopped since I made that decision. That was over six years ago. I had that defining moment where I thought to myself, literally, either you can go after money and just work in the entertainment industry in whatever capacity available to you or you can struggle and go after the exact career you want. I choose the latter, for better or worse, and haven’t been happier since.

But times have been tough. Being an independent filmmaker is probably one of the hardest careers one could choose for oneself. And I’ve had to make sacrifices and difficult choices along the way…

I just finished my latest (and fifth) short film, “Your Move”, and I now find myself in that familiar position of taking it out on the festival circuit and hoping it has the chance to be shown, so that it may find an audience and help forward my career as a filmmaker. And in this calm before the storm, it got me thinking about the tremendous amount of support I’ve received from so many in my life. From my close friends and family who come out and work on my films to those who pass around my trailer link to spread the word, from my parents whose love for my films have helped me propel them to great heights to those who express to me how my films have affected them and why. I have this tremendous amount of support and as I was thinking about it, I almost became breathless.

And so, since I don’t have an opportunity to express my gratitude on a grand scale, like at an award ceremony or such (just yet), I will leave it to my blog and to one-on-one encounters. To those who believe in me, support me, care about my films and my filmmaking career, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I know plenty of people who may think they are my “friend” but show little support if any and in fact, seem to wish I don’t succeed, and to them, I say, may you find happiness in your own life, but to those who support me, a thank you just doesn’t feel enough. I know how special you are and how important your support is in helping me do what I do. And I will forever be stronger because of it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(With special thanks to Charles P., Grace P., Paul P., Ali P., Amy P., Giovanni P., Nonna e Nonno R., Nonna e Nonno P., Nicole K., Jamie M., Julie W., Tina C/L., Paul L., Mike W.)


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