Films I can watch over and over…

Most films, I only want to watch once and if anything, mayyyyyyybe twice, but pretty much, It’s rare these days I find a film I want to watch again.

But then, I think back to some amazing films, films I will watch over and over and over and over… (these are the kind of films I long to make) so I thought I’d offer you my list, since it’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep and films are, of course, what’s on my mind..

Top Ten Films I could watch over, and over, and over, and over…. because they are just sooooo damn good…..

1. You Can Count On Me

2. Godfather I & II

3. Goodfellas

4. Swingers

5. Home For The Holidays

6. Mother

7. Breakfast Club

8. Casino

9. Apocalypse Now

10. A Clockwork Orange


Care to add any of yours?? I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Films I can watch over and over…

    • I’m sorry I haven’t replied yet!! Thank you for adding your own.

      I wish I had included Good Will Hunting on my list, LOVE that film and have probably watched it over twenty times already…


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