Love comes in all forms.

I just finished my latest short film. It’s called “Your Move” and it’s been the focus of my life for the past year.

One night, about a year ago, I was having dinner with my parents. My father told a story about his day and I was instantly struck by it. In fact, it stayed with me after he told it and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It was a story of humanity, of the interconnection between us and the relation that has to action one may or may not take. I knew it was the seed for my next film. But I had just made a short film, “Rhythm of Causality”, and it didn’t do as great on the festival circuit as I would have liked. So I was a bit down about that and thinking about what to do next but then, hearing this simple story my father told about his day inspired me. So I thought, hell, if my audience hasn’t found me yet, than that’s all the more reason to keep going at it.

“Your Move” is going to the printers tomorrow for DVD duplication and then it will be heading out into the world for (hopefully) a wonderful 2012 film festival circuit life. As with all my films, it’s my baby, my everything. Filmmaking is my love. And the films I make are the offspring of that love.

I know it sounds kinda odd because normally people love other humans. And I do. But I also just love making films. It’s what gets me through the day. What gets me up in the morning. What gets me through the tedium of having to have other jobs until I can support myself from it. It’s my dream. My life. And every time I finish a film, I get a bit sentimental. It’s an emotional thing for me. It’s the culmination of so much hard work, dedication and perseverance. It’s love come to fruition.

Now, I’m not one to just settle, for anything. Life is too short, I say. And I want fireworks in my life. Chemistry. Adulation. Hard core physical attraction. Stimulating conversations that never end. Romeo and Juliet type love. And though I haven’t found this with a man yet, filmmaking has given it all to me.

Love comes in all forms.


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