Is Patience a Virtue?

Are you a patient person?

We are human beings and by being a human being, we have the capacity to think. That fact alone, however, does not mean we automatically do so. WE must be conscious and participatory in regards to the content of our thoughts. (This is with respect to those who have the ability to do so…)

Clearly, we’re influenced by life. Our childhood is of great importance, as this is the onset of patterns of behavior. If only every parent would realize how large of a responsibility it is to have children and set good examples, but that’s another discussion.

Do you act on conscious thought or impulse?

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of reality, and the more you think, the deeper your consciousness goes. One may choose to wander through life thinking only as much as one needs to in order to get by, as this proves not to be difficult with the many distractions available, such as television, drugs, and an abundance of technological gadgets, but what does prove to be difficult is overcoming these distractions and making the choice to be a more conscious individual. Recent times are telling and one could argue the distractions in life are overcoming people, and instead of us controlling them, the power has begun to shift and we are allowing it.

As the world moves forward, times change, and they will continue to change daily. Not long ago, the World Wide Web was little more than an idea of a distant future. People wrote letters by mail and waited weeks, if not months, for a reply. Back then, distractions were nowhere near what they are today. But then, neither was the opportunity. In 2010, we have the world at our fingertips. Literally. From cell phones to Blackberrys, GPS to video-tele-conferencing, we can practically reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is a generation of speed, where information can be sent and received at a lightning pace.

But is all this speed an advantage?

One could argue many individuals have become too dependent on the speed in which things happen, and contemplation is getting lost in the shuffle. Judging from Americans, it appears as though more people are choosing fast food over cooking, liposuction over exercise. The editing style of television has become increasingly quicker, where now many shows appear to be little more than thirty-second sound bytes and eye candy.

But is all this speed a good thing? Has it lessened the value of patience? And if so, where does that leave the things in life that take time and effort? What about them? More often than not things of great value and significance take the most time and work, as not everything comes quick and easy, but is that what people have come to expect and desire? And in the process, do they ignore that which takes time?

Patience proves to be difficult, and waiting can reach the level of torture. Plain and simple, patience does not come easy. Perhaps a reason it is a virtue is because one can discover truth through it, not the warped perception of reality that often comes with rashness.

Time is telling, and even if one doesn’t hold patience high in their moral standards, truth will continually be revealed. But in this “immediate gratification” society, is anyone listening?

Think about yourself.

Have you lessened what you value so you can simply have it quicker?


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