One of the main reasons I’m compelled to write and make the films I make is the hope that I can provoke others to think and make positive change in their life. It hasn’t been the easiest of paths in life but then, most rewarding things do not come easy. It is hope that carries me when the difficulty weighs me down.

Perhaps most of us have heard the famous question – “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” – but let’s take that quote and flip it. What would you do if you knew you would fail? Hm…. maybe not much? Perhaps, even nothing? Because you may think to yourself, well, what’s the point if I’m going to fail??? And you may have some validity to that point but what I often come across is this being the mentality of many who have no actual proof that they will fail. Sure, odds may be stacked against them. Yes, there may be incredible obstacles to overcome and perhaps sacrifices will need to be made but, still, that doesn’t mean failure is inevitable.

And this is where hope can be very helpful…

We are only certain of this very moment. Anything can happen the next one. But hope is like fuel for our minds and bodies. It provides motivation to move forward despite the possibility of failure.

But wait, some may say, isn’t that just being an eternal optimistic, trapped in a world of idealism?

It is, if one fails to see reality as it is. But if one chooses to keep their eyes wide open, see the truth that is in front them, not their perception of the truth, but that which actually is, than no, it’s not. For example, one may see a chair and a table in a room. But say they believe the room is empty and take that as truth despite the reality. But then say they try to lay down carpet. Well, they will be forced to see that which is, not that which they wanted to be.

Reality + action + hope = anything is possible.


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