Why I Love Los Angeles

I moved from upstate New York to Los Angeles when I was ten years old. With the exception of five and a half years spent in San Diego for college (yes, it took me that long,) I’ve been here ever since. Granted, I am an independent filmmaker and my options on where to live to benefit that career choice are not plentiful, but I technically don’t HAVE to live here.

The thing is, I really like this place. Yes, it’s pretentious. Yes, there is a ton of traffic. And yes, there is a sense of phoniness that would make Holden Caulfield spontaneously combust. But if one finds the L.A. that suits them and tunes out the inauthentic, this place can be paradise.

I know this city gets a bad rep, and I understand the motivation for such, but since I am one of those who truly do have a fondness for this spread-out city, I thought I’d compose a list of the reasons I love Los Angeles. Feel free to share your own…

TOP TEN REASONS TO LOVE LOS ANGELES, according to Christina Parisi

1. The weather. Yes, seasons are nice, but not as nice as being able to wear flip flops year-round.

2. The culture. As a whole, there is a wide range of different social groups.

3. The films. Not only does Los Angeles get the films in limited release, but most independent films are typically shown here, offering one a vast array of storytelling to choose from.

4. The music scene. If there’s a band on tour, big or small, chances are you are going to find them at some venue here.

5. Amoeba Music. Hands down, the best place to shop for music.

6. The Getty. Though the offerings may not change as much as one would like, the inspiring landscape and architecture of this museum is enough.

7. The hiking trails. So many to choose from, for one to get exercise while at the same time, being surrounded by nature.

8. The energy. Though difficult to put into words, there is a vibe of possibility and excitement here, which can make one think anything is possible.

9. Musso & Frank Grill. It’s the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, open since 1919. So much history inside, and the food is delicious.

10. The ocean. Not only do you get all the above, but you get it all near the Pacific Ocean.


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