My computer bag is falling apart

I’ve had it since I was fresh out of college, working in a well-known film producer’s office on the Paramount lot, ideal to the point I thought I knew it all.

This bag has been through my film development jobs, my production jobs, my assistant editing jobs, my script/book reading jobs and as of now, my writing jobs.

But damn, it’s falling apart as it nears its seventeen-year birthday. The mostly faux leather is peeling, the strap is fraying and it has more wrinkles than the entire cast of Golden Girls.

You can see this beauty above.

I can’t part with it though. I’ve become rather superstitious about it as I write my first novel. I’m about 150 pages in and have this belief I need to keep this bag until I get this book published. Then and only then will I buy myself a new computer bag.

I’m reeeeeeeally hoping this happens soon. Talk about motivation. I can’t have my laptop falling out…

I invite you to follow me along on this journey of mine I’m calling #soldbooknewbag

3 thoughts on “My computer bag is falling apart

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