Make Healthy A Habit – Day Five

Today was a little harder than the other four.

I was somewhat depressed, which I suppose goes hand in hand when trying to stop one’s vices, and intense cravings kept sweeping over me for some things I’m trying to reduce or eliminate.

I can’t say anything was wrong exactly but I felt a little down.

Then, as I was walking on the street toward work, I felt something on the side of my head. As I wondered, “What the hell was that?”my hand went to the spot and I soon learned exactly what it was.

Bird poop.

Granted, it wasn’t a ton but I think it’s safe to say that any bird crap in your hair is no fun. And it was a perfect addition to my day.

But then, as I thought about how great a glass of red wine sounded, I realized that these kinds of days are going to happen. There are going to be bad moments. And I can’t run to my vices at the first sign of them.

No, I have to remind myself two things:

These types of days are tests.

They are not reasons to give in.

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit


**For the original idea, please visit here.




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