Make Healthy A Habit – Day Two


I spent the afternoon with my two nephews, having fun painting and laughing and playing. And I adored every moment.

Well, maybe except one…

While I was hanging with them, my mother asked if I would like to take home a box of cereal bars that she had extra. My first reaction was “Yeah, I like those.” But then, as I reached across the table, I said, “Wait, I’m doing something for health and trying to not have fructose.” I quickly scanned the ingredients and yup, sure enough, fructose syrup was a main one.

And then it hit me.

To change daily habits, I have to be on them like white on rice.

I have to put my habits in check. I have to be conscious about the health choices I make.

I have to think about what I eat and what’s inside what I eat. I have to be aware with all decisions. I can’t do what’s best for my body on only the convenient ones.

I realize this is going to mean that I will not be able to enjoy some foods that I have grown used to…

Now, will I go to restaurants and ask for no fructose? No way. But will I use diligence to limit it? Absolutely.

So I passed on the cereal bars.

Tonight, my husband and I are going to have a steak dinner without drinking wine. For some, that’s no big deal. But for a wine lover like myself, I’m wondering what I did to deserve this.

Yes, I will have red wine again. But going a weekend without some should be no big deal. And a great dinner doesn’t have to include it EVERY TIME.

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit


**For the original idea, please visit here.



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