25 Days of Spreading Love – A countdown to Christmas: Dec. 2

For the original idea, please go here.

23 Days till Christmas – spreading love with letters

A while ago, I read a memoir by Hannah Brencher, “If You Find This Letter”, which details her journey of creating “More Love Letters”,  a global organization that is geared toward compiling letters of encouragement and support for people who need them.

When I read her book, I was moved. I thought the idea of strangers spreading love through letters was both simple and brilliant. But I never did anything about it… until today when my Spread the Love project made me think of her movement. So I looked it up and got to work.

These personal acts of letter writing are perfect for the time we live in as impersonal forms of communication reach a peak. I’m drawn to Hannah’s idea because it utilizes global connection along with good old-fashioned handwritten letters, which one can argue is becoming a lost art form.  It merges the strengths of both.

For the second day of spreading the love, I participated in The World Needs More Love Letters Movement. I drafted four letters to the individuals currently listed on the site and popped them in the mail.

This is only the beginning of my love letter writing though. As I wrote these letters to strangers in need, I found myself genuinely wanting to be helpful and encouraging and loving. I signed up for their newsletter and will now actively be a participant.

Sometimes, people just need to know they’re not alone. And a love letter to a stranger can be an excellent way to show that.

Spread the love. #spreadthelove


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