25 Days of Spreading Love – A countdown to Christmas: Dec. 1

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25 Days to Go – spreading love at yoga

I recently signed up for yoga classes at a studio near my home. Today I tried something called Kundalini and Meditation. It balances deep breathing techniques with body movement that’s both peaceful and emotional. Chanting and meditation are part of it as well.

During the practice, I couldn’t help but notice the participant right next to me because she was breathing very loudly. It was difficult to focus with the intense huffing and puffing that was taking place an arm’s length away from me.

My first impulse was to roll my eyes and try to figure out a way to discreetly move my mat.

But then, I realized this was a great opportunity to spread some love.

Rather than roll my eyes, I smiled at her.

Minutes later, the instructor had us all form a circle for a healing meditation. She mentioned someone could lay in the center if they wished. A minute later, my nearby yoga breather claimed it.

After the chant, as we all returned to our mats, the one from the center stood and thanked everyone for her experience. No one seemed to be paying much attention to her. No response was given by anyone.

So I continued to smile and nod and listen to what she was saying. After she was done, I told that her experience sounded cool and gave her another smile. She smiled back, happy to share.

Spread the love. #spreadthelove


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