Little changes

It’s the little things in life that really take us through our days, no?

While the big things can be splendid and magnificent, they are likely rare and not an everyday thing. But we as humans, fortunate enough to be alive that is, live every second of everyday. And even if you are the “it” celebrity of the moment or at the peak of your career, you still deal with the seconds and minutes of every day, no matter who you are.

The other day, I was watching the comedian Louie CK, who I think does a great job at delivering a social commentary in a comedic yet sharply observant way, albeit comfort is not his main concern. Anyway, I was catching up on his show and in one of his stand up bits, he said life is short “if you’re a child who died” but otherwise, it’s not so short.

This got me thinking about how long life is (hopefully!) and yet how short it ends up in the grand scheme of things. I started thinking about time in a different way. How what I do now may have ripple effects that don’t even come to life until my physical presence is gone and how small I really am.

And yet, how large I am too. How one person can make a difference and truly change the world. Hello, Steve Jobs…Albert Einstein…

Life is short in the grand scheme of things but long in the sense that everyday is 24 hours, which means we have 1440 minutes in every single day given to us and that IS a lot of time for us to do many things.

With this new outlook on time, I decided that if it’s the little things in life that get us from day to day, then it’s also the little changes along the way that help define and mold us into the people we are and become. While it’s important to smell the roses, it’s also important to ask if the roses are what you want to be smelling and if not, what is?

Here’s my list of eleven little changes I want to start implementing. Do you have any?

1. No longer kill insects when I see them. Only do so if I have to.

2. Practice more patience in the car. (I drive in LA, this will be VERY hard.)

3. Buy even less processed food than I do. (love chips and canned soup…)

4. Spend more time in and with nature.

5. Focus on breathing.

6. Meditate.

7. Ride my bike instead of driving, way more than I do.

8. Clean my shower more.

9. Treat my amazing fiance with even more love, as he not only allows me the freedom to express myself loudly but also has patience  and the most calming presence I’ve ever known.

10. Use cash more instead of credit.

11. Recognize the differences and celebrate those that move love, peace and wisdom forward.


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