A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there were two men, Adam and Aaron, both of whom were looking for someone to date and get to know and who knows, maybe even end up marrying! Both men wanted to find a woman to share their life with. Both men wanted love, security and happiness.

But each man viewed women very differently.

Adam appreciated women. He viewed them as beautiful individuals. He knew that both sexes were equal but different and he celebrated the differences among them. He enjoyed the complexities of the female mind and heart and he was willing to share the complexities of his own mind and heart. He found women beautiful and though not all of them had been nice to him, he understood women were every bit as important as his own gender.

Aaron, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate women. He viewed them as irrational individuals. He thought that both sexes were vastly different and believed men were superior in some ways, even if he wouldn’t admit it out loud. He found the complexities of both men and women to be overwhelming, more often than not, and though he found women beautiful, he viewed that beauty with skepticism and distrust.

Both men had previous relationships and both men had been hurt by women in their past.

After years of searching the lands far and wide, each man found a mate. Adam found Rose, a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and a mind that rivaled that of Einstein. She was deep in thought and simple in taste. Rose was strong, honest and hardworking. Aaron found a beautiful woman too, Daisy, also with long flowing hair but her mind didn’t rival that of Einstein. And Daisy was mean, dishonest and petty.

Both men married the woman they met but only one man ended up happy.

Adam and Rose lived happily ever after despite hardships they faced. Aaron and Daisy did not live happily ever after. They divorced a few years later.

Moral of the story:

What you seek has everything to do with how you view it.


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