I went to see the film WHIPLASH this past weekend and I have not stopped thinking about it since.

That is the power of an exceptional film. In my opinion, WHIPLASH is jazz music in the form of a film and it’s truly amazing. The emotional journey it takes you on is second to none.

I always try to spread the word on any film that hits me like this, not only because I hope others do the same for my work but because I feel I have a responsibility to do so. If I’m going to champion thoughtful, original storytelling, then I should celebrate those who do it well.


I get there is a place for the Iron Mans and the Shades of Gray out there but this is a film that demonstrates the power film is capable of. In my opinion – it’s an emotional, impactful journey that leaves you thinking about yourself and the world around you…

What more can you ask from a piece of art?

As an independent filmmaker, I’m consumed by what it means to make one’s art in the world in which we live in, especially since it takes money and at least in terms of filmmaking, other people. And I’m equally intrigued by those who manage to get through the iron gates of mediocrity and get their rare, brilliant, humanistic work onto the radar of the masses.

WHIPLASH, I tip my hat and bow my head to you. A diamond in the rough. And hope.

Thank you.

Living one’s dream is not typically the easy way. But with colleagues’ like you, I’m all a flutter.


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