The Sensitivity of Children

Life has been a whirlwind for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so maybe you can commiserate? I mean, damn, if things aren’t getting a little crazy up in the world. Most of it, for good reason… (the brilliance of the protests (yes!) but that is for another post…)

After a first-in-your-lifetime shutdown, are you coming out a bit different?

I know I am, that’s for sure.

I’m about to return to work as a server, but in a way that I haven’t done before now that COVID caused new rules, so I am struggling with if I can still do it. I have long wanted to stay in the restaurant business as I make my films and write my stories both for my love of food and wine and also for the tangible aspect of seeing people enjoying themselves and knowing I am part of the reason why.

For those who don’t know, in the past, I’ve worked entertainment jobs, such as assistant to Scott Rudin on the Paramount lot and assistant editor on season four of American Idol, both of which I chose to leave, because when I was working those jobs and similar ones, I felt empty. Like I was a cog in the entertainment machine, but not really making any difference, though it’s definitely worth noting Scott Rudin is a genius in producing original storytellers and I wish I could have learned more from him when I was his LA assistant, but, that’s for another story and sadly, I can’t go there. I signed an NDA.

Anywho, back to now. I’ve been going through a lot and I’m starting to feel empty again in my employment. Returning to a restaurant job where the industry has done a 180*, while also ending homeschooling my nephew two days a week, (BTW teachers everywhere, YOU ARE AMAZING AND SHOULD BE PAID WAY MORE,) coping with the death of my husband’s sister, polishing my first novel for agent submission, enjoying the visit of my sister and niece, all the while trying to make sense of the insanity we’ve allowed our government to become, has left me spent.

Yet somehow, today, when I hung out with my three year old niece, life felt special. It felt good. 

And that was all her.

It was like she picked up on my feeling down a bit and for the first time, came to me without me having to ask. She comforted me and all around enjoyed my company, when before she was a bit hesitant. And when I put her to sleep, having a three year old, caress your hand while she falls peacefully asleep in your arms, I felt true serenity.

And I thought:

Children know way more than most give them credit for. And they truly are the future. 






I went to see the film WHIPLASH this past weekend and I have not stopped thinking about it since.

That is the power of an exceptional film. In my opinion, WHIPLASH is jazz music in the form of a film and it’s truly amazing. The emotional journey it takes you on is second to none.

I always try to spread the word on any film that hits me like this, not only because I hope others do the same for my work but because I feel I have a responsibility to do so. If I’m going to champion thoughtful, original storytelling, then I should celebrate those who do it well.


I get there is a place for the Iron Mans and the Shades of Gray out there but this is a film that demonstrates the power film is capable of. In my opinion – it’s an emotional, impactful journey that leaves you thinking about yourself and the world around you…

What more can you ask from a piece of art?

As an independent filmmaker, I’m consumed by what it means to make one’s art in the world in which we live in, especially since it takes money and at least in terms of filmmaking, other people. And I’m equally intrigued by those who manage to get through the iron gates of mediocrity and get their rare, brilliant, humanistic work onto the radar of the masses.

WHIPLASH, I tip my hat and bow my head to you. A diamond in the rough. And hope.

Thank you.

Living one’s dream is not typically the easy way. But with colleagues’ like you, I’m all a flutter.