Top Nine Reasons “Breaking Bad” is the best show EVER

As if you need them. But in case you do, here are my top nine reasons for why I think “Breaking Bad” is the best television show ever.*

Top Nine Reasons “Breaking Bad” is the best show EVER:

1. WALTER WHITE had you the moment you saw him, out in the desert, in his whitey-tighties, reeling from the news of his cancer and his new found “hobby” of cooking meth. How many characters can do that to you?

2. Sunday nights have become nights of staying home and actually watching this show AS IT AIRS. That says a WHOLE LOT in today’s day and age.

3. The writing is not only smart and constantly surprising, but it RESPECTS YOU, the audience.

4. They are ending on the highest note a show can end on – the viewing audience is on the EDGE OF THEIR SEATS. What other show can really say they ended with this type of interest?

5. It was passed up by most, if not all, major networks. AMC, cheers to your cojones!

6. The helmer, Vince Gilligan, is funny AND smart.

7. There is no CONVENTIONAL formula to the series.

8. The audience DROVE the marketing campaign. Word of Mouth, best PR out there, but also the only kind that can’t really be bought…

9. Bryan Cranston.

*to qualify myself for this task, I would like to note that between the ages of 11-17, I must have sat in the live studio audience for more than thirty television show tapings. It was the easiest way for me at the time to get anywhere near a set… True, I don’t watch all that much TV anymore, but I’ve seen every single episode of THE SOPRANOS, and while that does comes CLOSE to this, no cigar…


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