11 Unintended Lessons learned from being home due to COVID

Unless you’re on the front lines of the pandemic, which includes all those deemed essential workers, then you’ve pretty much been in some form of isolation or alteration of your home lifestyle because of COVID. Some are in total isolation, and some are in quarantine, some are saying F U to the rules, and others are in a thousand other potential scenarios.

Point being, we are all dealing with COVID in some form, and it’s on a global scale – GLOBAL! Isn’t that fascinating, in-and-of-itself that it’s a global pandemic, and we are in a time period where global communication is instant?

But I digress…

While dealing with being furloughed from my restaurant job, I’ve had to change my entire lifestyle. And while doing so, I’ve noticed a few lessons learned that I thought I’d share…. please add any of your own in the comments!

11 Unintended Lessons Learned From Being Home Due to COVID

1. It’s important to rotate your couch cushions… or at the very least sit in different spots. Not only for firmness, but no one needs to see where your butt’s been spending a lot of its time.

2. You can actually forget to shower for days.

3. There is an INSANE amount of content to stream. And good shit too!

4. Days of the week can lose their meaning. I’m thinking of creating SunMon, a 48-hour period of easing out of one week and into the next.

5. I should not expect to get a callback when applying for a grocery store job.

6. There is an INSANE amount of content to stream. And good shit too!*

7. I have absolutely no desire to wear a bra. Ever again.

8. Working in pajamas is something we should seriously consider, if not only for the comfort but for the ease of having less laundry to do.

9. Children adapt WAY quicker than adults do. Like incredibly so. We should study it…

10. The absolute best thing about Zoom is that you only have to prepare from the waist up. But of course, connecting us all is cool too.

11. If money stacked up as quickly as dishes did, DAMN – we’d all be bajillionaires!

*(Yes, this was written twice, that’s how much good shit!)



Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I am thankful for each and every one of you. And I appreciate you reading and following along with me here on Life As I Know It.

If you are a rerun junkie like me, I’ve included a link to a list I put together of my favorite Thanksgiving Day-themed TV show episodes. Number three is probably my absolute favorite :)

Thanksgiving Day TV show episodes. 

Be safe and enjoy!


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Top Nine Reasons “Breaking Bad” is the best show EVER

As if you need them. But in case you do, here are my top nine reasons for why I think “Breaking Bad” is the best television show ever.*

Top Nine Reasons “Breaking Bad” is the best show EVER:

1. WALTER WHITE had you the moment you saw him, out in the desert, in his whitey-tighties, reeling from the news of his cancer and his new found “hobby” of cooking meth. How many characters can do that to you?

2. Sunday nights have become nights of staying home and actually watching this show AS IT AIRS. That says a WHOLE LOT in today’s day and age.

3. The writing is not only smart and constantly surprising, but it RESPECTS YOU, the audience.

4. They are ending on the highest note a show can end on – the viewing audience is on the EDGE OF THEIR SEATS. What other show can really say they ended with this type of interest?

5. It was passed up by most, if not all, major networks. AMC, cheers to your cojones!

6. The helmer, Vince Gilligan, is funny AND smart.

7. There is no CONVENTIONAL formula to the series.

8. The audience DROVE the marketing campaign. Word of Mouth, best PR out there, but also the only kind that can’t really be bought…

9. Bryan Cranston.

*to qualify myself for this task, I would like to note that between the ages of 11-17, I must have sat in the live studio audience for more than thirty television show tapings. It was the easiest way for me at the time to get anywhere near a set… True, I don’t watch all that much TV anymore, but I’ve seen every single episode of THE SOPRANOS, and while that does comes CLOSE to this, no cigar…