Signs you might not want children

Yes, as I’ve mentioned before in various posts, I am one of those people who just don’t think children are part of their journey. In my twenties, I was kinda on the fence. Not sure what path my filmmaking career would take me on, I placed only it in top priority and then acted from there. When I entered my thirties, it became clearer that having children, who are, I might add, the most precious thing on earth, was not becoming any more important to me.

There were also, though, a few other signs…

Signs you might not want children…

1. the only kids you want to be around are the ones you know.

2. after four hours of holding, cleaning, feeding and changing a baby, you’re ready for their grandparent/parent to return.

3. despite how much you want your nephew to ask questions, you lose your patience after the fifteenth consecutive “why?”

4. the idea of being responsible for another human being poses an incredibly strong problem for your OCD.

5. you sucked at baby-sitting when you did it as a teen, but hated doing it anyway.

6. alone time means too much to even contemplate giving it up.

7. you think overpopulation is a SERIOUS problem.

8. having nephews/nieces COMPLETELY offers enough child bonding for you.

9. you’d much rather your friends make their events “adults only.”

10. you never see a parent/child and think, “Aww, I wish I had that,” but rather think, “Yeah… Thank God I don’t have that…”

11. you’d rather be able to drink alcohol, stay slim and eat sushi than go without for nine months.


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