To be thankful…

Every thanksgiving, people around the US think about what they are thankful for and more often than not, the major things are only considered. Things such as one’s life, family, loved ones, children, job, and health. And while these things are by far the important ones to be thankful for, I was thinking today about all the little things we have to be thankful for in life also. While they may not take precedence in one’s mind on Thanksgiving, they’re still worthy of being mentioned and considered, so rather than write another blog about the large, ultra important things I am thankful for, I thought I’d dedicate this one to the little things I’m grateful for in my life that often go unnoticed.

And this is my nod to them…

I am so grateful and thankful for the following in my everyday life…

unexpected acts of kindness, no traffic when I’m running late, getting the exact seat I want at a movie theater, chocolate covered strawberries, making a child laugh and/or smile, Hershey kisses, laughter, red wine, Apple computers and Steve Jobs, white out, multiple cup holders, soft tissues, no lines at grocery stores, good timing, pickles, post-its, my Italian teacher, icee drinks, dvr, free samples, waking up and still having three hours of sleep left, hard cover books, bic pens, clear night sky where I can see the stars, window seats on airplanes, elbow room, free shipping, sharp cheddar cheese, cute boys who don’t know they are cute, sunglasses, sharpie markers, good conversation, puppy dogs, originality, gangster films, pretzels, hair straighteners and finally… something that might make into the most important group but perhaps shouldn’t…

Diet Coke.

Happy thanksgiving! I’d love to hear some small things you are thankful for…

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