31 days

I was looking though the latest issue of Glamour because it came in the mail free, and by looking though I mean smelling the constant perfume samples and eyeing anything that wasn’t about makeup, clothes and celebrities. And one item I came across was this calendar thing about 31 days of giving in the month of December and it made me remember this idea I had for me and my sister…

Years ago, my sister and I would make a calendar for a specific month and on each day, we listed something for the other person to do/not do etc. It was a great way to think outside the box and also do things one wouldn’t normally do or think to do. I can’t speak for her but I loved it. I think we did it a couple of times over the years.

But now, rather than bother her with this idea again, I decided I was going to make myself a calendar of things to do or not do for the month of December that will take me out of my comfort zone. It can be found below and I invite anyone to come along for the ride with me for all days, some days, just one day or even just hang out as a reader. In the tradition of the popular daily blogs, I will post a blog each day in December about the thing I had to do that day and how it went. Now, read below before you write this off as boring or something you’re not interested in. It’s all about setting challenges and stepping outside of comfort zones for myself and anyone who wants to do this as well, I would love to hear about it!

December 1: Have no soda of any kind. (And that includes Diet Coke, my absolute favorite)

December 2: Meditate for thirty minutes. The WHOLE thirty minutes in consecutive order.

December 3: Call someone today whom I haven’t spoken to in over a year.

December 4: Ask someone who has a different taste in films as I do to recommend their favorite movie and then watch it, in its entirety, no matter what it is.

December 5: Be a vegan for the day. Vegan. Not just vegetarian.

December 6: Do not go on Facebook at all, for the WHOLE DAY.

December 7: Say nothing negative. And every time I accidentally do, put a dollar in the jar*.

December 8: Do not spend any money today, unless an absolute emergency.

December 9: Do not drive or get in any car for any reason, unless it’s an absolute emergency.

December 10: Pick up a dictionary, an actual dictionary, open it at random with eyes closed and point to a word. Memorize that word and what it means. Do this five times.

December 11: Speak only Italian, a language I am not fluent in but am studying to be. Any time I speak English, put a dollar in the jar*.

December 12: Hug at least five people who are not family members, but also who are not total strangers.

December 13: Write a letter to someone I admire and actually mail it – not email, text or call.

December 14: Make a frame with things I have in my house and put a picture of myself as a child in it, to remember the innocence and freedom that is possible.

December 15: Do not use the words “like”, “shit”, “fuck”, “dude” or “totally”. For every time I do, put a dollar in the jar*.

December 16: Take all the money in my jar* and use it to buy toys for tots. Donate them to that cause.

December 17: Write a poem about someone I love and then give it to them.

December 18: Walk along the beach, find a shell and write a word in it that represents what I want for 2012. Figure out a way to make it into a necklace.

December 19: Wear the above mentioned necklace all day. Also, write the five words learned on December 10 and their meanings. For everyone not remembered, put a dollar in the jar*.

December 20: Let my hair dry on its own, without any dryer, straightener or styling product and wear it as is (hair tie allowed to keep it out of my face but that’s it!)

December 21: Sleep naked.

December 22: Drink nothing but water for the day.

December 23: Go for a walk and take a photo of something that is inspiring. Then, write a blog about it in hopes of inspiring others.

December 24: Do not play any “Words With Friends” today – a game I’m obsessed with. (This was suggested by my friend Tina, who is very aware of my obsession…)

December 25: Day off because we all need one.

December 26: Text, email, phone, write, whatever to a boy who intrigues me. (I’m single, so this is acceptable. For those who aren’t, ignore this one.)

December 27: Try some type of food I’ve never tried before. EVER.

December 28: Do not drink ANY alcohol of any kind, no matter what (unless of course, if my life depended on it because then, well, all bets are off.)

December 29: Teach someone something today they, hopefully, don’t know. And then ask them to teach me something. (And even if I already know it, I’ll keep that to myself unless asked.)

December 30: Write a short story.

December 31: Submit the above mentioned short story to something. Use the rest of the money in the jar to donate to Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign :)

*money in jar goes to Toys for Tots until Dec 16. After that, money goes to Ron Paul’s campaign.

THE END!!!!! Relax and think about this previous month… I have a feeling a cumulative blog will follow…


6 thoughts on “31 days

  1. I think Dec 24th you should have a NO WORDS WITH FRIENDS day. i’m kinda disappointed that didn’t make the list!!!! other than that, seems great, if you remind me nov 30th then maybe i’ll try to do it with you!!


  2. wow, those are lofty goals given your two jobs and gio! but it looks great… i’m interested in how it goes.

    and yes, of course i remember doing these…lol…years after, i found one in my suitcase. lol….


    • hah, yeah, i know but it’s before “your move” will hit the festival circuit so i have to keep my mind busy and creative :) I’m so happy you remember them!!!!


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