I’m going to write a rather lighthearted blog today. Life and my film have been filling me with lots of seriousness, so this blog is not going to…

I love to observe people. Hands down my favorite thing to do besides making films and sometimes, I observe little quirks and oddities about others that stay with me or deal with matters that make me think.  And FYI, I’m including myself in this mix. I constantly observe myself as well. So, I’ve decided to offer some of my observations to my readers. Maybe you’ll relate. Maybe you’ll be grossed out. Maybe you’ll pause and think. Who knows but I thought this would be interesting…

A Few Of My Observations

People often blow their nose and then look into the tissue at it.

When some people lie, they talk very fast.

Some eat each thing on their plate separately. First the meat, then the vegetables, then the potato…

Practically everyone has a cell phone. From senior citizens to young children.

Actual books are being replaced by computers. This depresses me.

Parking meters are increasingly becoming more expensive, to the point that they now accept credit cards.

Vulnerability for people is almost as great a fear as death is.

There are hardly any empty seats on airplanes these days. Remember when you would fly and be able to stretch across the whole aisle?

People often get surprised when you tell them the honest truth.

Most people do not tell others the honest truth.

Kids are constantly asking their parents to buy them things in stores, and parents are constantly coming up with reasons why they won’t.

Yoga makes some people sweat more than I thought was possible.

If you tell someone something they are trying not to face up to, they can get very upset with you.

Picking your teeth can be just as gross as picking your nose. Maybe grosser.


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