Consider the alternative

This past weekend, my one-and-a-half year old nephew came down with a cold and with that cold, he had a fever of 103.8. And this worried me, greatly. I’ve learned that high fevers are quite common for young babies but still, that didn’t comfort me when I saw my nephew’s checks glow bright red and his eyes droop before he fell asleep in my arms.

Normally, my nephew has the energy level of a speed freak at Disneyland on Christmas. His energy is intense and rivals that of a football player. And considering I babysit him regularly, I know of what I speak. His energy levels me. By the end of a day with my baby nephew, I need a nap. A long one. And while I absolutely love this little man like no one I have ever loved, when he sleeps, I’m happy.

But then came this weekend, and his mopey-ness really brought me down.

And this made me realize that while we may think some things are hectic and trying at times, we should consider the alternative.

While the fact that he sat with me on the couch as we watched some cooking show was pleasant, I was sad that he wasn’t his crazy self because of his cold. No constant hide-n-seek, no trying to go up and down the stairs every second and no dancing to the music I played. Seeing his glassy eyes and sweaty forehead made me want to cry and I realized, I would take his energetic self any day rather than this sad and sick young baby before me.


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