Losing 15 pounds post 1

Okay, it’s been a couple days since my very public proclamation about losing weight. And even though it’s been a mere 48 hours, I’ve already made some difficult choices and learned some important lessons.

But it’s only the beginning.

So, I thought I’d do what I often like to do with my travel posts and list some of my observations thus far, on this journey of weight loss:

Looking at the scale should not be a daily thing right now. The focus is on change and that damn thing only brings me down so I’m stepping off it for two weeks…

I can go without bread and not perish. I like my bread like a baby likes her bottle. Maybe it’s the Sicilian in me but bread has always been included in the meal. This habit of mine though is already being broken. I literally just ordered a grilled chicken taco without the tortilla (and you know what, it’s still delicious!)

Challenging yourself is awesome once you do it. Although I’ve been doing power yoga twice a week for quite a while it was only this past Tuesday that I decided to step it up a notch. I do the extra challenges my instructor offers and I try to stay in the more difficult poses for longer than I ever have… (It feels tiring, yes, but also great!)

Eating healthy will not be easy. There’s a reason “convenient” and “fast” food is typically not good for you. I’ve learned time has to be given to one’s diet if they want to be healthy. But I do believe it’s about finding a balance that works for you between what you have to get done and the time given to what you put in your body.

The support I’ve received from you, my readers, has already been incredibly helpful. From the likes to the social media props, from direct messages to pats on the back, I channel it all to keep me going and deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.

May we all help each other on our weight loss journeys. I’d love to hear more about your own…


I want to lose 15 pounds

I was one of those fortunate people who never had to think about their weight while growing up and entering adulthood.

I was 105 pounds from pretty much 16 to 33 years of age.

I say this because when I entered my early 30’s, I was placed on a medication to help me deal with my extreme case of OCD (not just talking about washing your hands more than normal here…), and my body changed. My doctor told me that the meds might make me gain weight, as it was a common side effect.

And, boy did they.

Add that to fact that as I aged, I found myself drinking more wine and eating more food than I ever had and that certainly didn’t help my body weight. Coupled with my body getting older and beginning menopause (yes, I know I’m only 40 but it’s already happening to me so… so be it,) I did not expect to look at a picture of myself and see someone that didn’t even look like me.

But that’s what happened a few days ago…

Bottom line is my body doesn’t even feel like my own anymore and it’s time I do something about that.

You, my blog readers, have been insanely helpful when I quit Diet Coke, which btw I am still going strong on! It’s been almost five months since I’ve touched the stuff and I feel great. So… I thought I would write this very personal info on my site, put it out in the world so I could be held accountable, and take you all along for the ride with me.

My plan is to lose fifteen to twenty pounds, to put me around 120, which is the weight I want to be. Everyone has to be comfortable with themselves. That is what works for me. When I was 105, I was too thin. (I should mention I’m 5’6.) But right now, at 138, I don’t even feel like myself.

So I invite you to join me as I try to navigate losing weight while being healthy and active about it.

I thought I would start with severely limiting my carbs because when I sat down to study my eating habits, I realized carbs were not only the star of the show, but also the opening acts, ticket takers and audience. In other words, it was the whole show.

Carbs are WAY toooooo big in my life. And I mean the processed, unhealthy kinds. Candy, chips, bread, white rice, crackers, snack bars…

So, first things first. I am limiting them. I am taking the first step.

And I have a feeling I will not be thrilled about this initially, just like I wasn’t about quitting Diet Coke, but no pain, no gain.

And away we goooooo!

Stay tuned….




Make Healthy A Habit

I want to change some habits of mine. Things like not drinking wine as much and eating food that is better for my body (damn those french fries!)

New year. New start. The road is wide open.

It’s no wonder gym memberships sky rocket after New Year’s. It’s a great time to hit the restart button. Start of a new year. You’re ready to go!

But… that passion at the start of the year is rather difficult to maintain and the once-crowded gym of January becomes a much-emptier one by February.

So, how does one keep the passion alive for change well beyond the start of the new year?

I don’t know if there’s one magical answer but I do believe it has a lot to do with consciously trying to change one’s daily habits and making the life-changing commitment to do it. Therefore…

Welcome to my next blog project!

My husband mentioned he read it takes three weeks to form a habit. I did a little research on that and learned it’s a debatable claim loosely based on the work of cosmetic surgeon, Walter Maltz. I’m going to give it a shot, nonetheless.

For the next 21 days, I’m going to attempt to make healthy a habit, one that will become a lifestyle for me, not a short-lived resolution. I want to eat healthier, decrease my wine intake and learn new ways to treat my body and mind better. I’ve been reading up on the Paleo diet and while I don’t plan to eliminate all grains and dairy, I am very drawn to the idea of eating food directly from nature and returning to a simpler diet of meat, vegetables and fruits.

I’ll be posting daily (though exact times will vary) about my three-week journey of trying to make healthy a habit and I invite you to join me. After that, I’ll be posting weekly about how my habits have (or haven’t) changed.

We begin now.

I took a Kundalini yoga class this morning to help put my head in the right mindset. And now, I’m off to my local Sprouts to stock up on groceries for the week to help me make better choices. It will be tempting not to swing through a drive-through after I’ve worked all day or reach for a bag of chips rather than carrot sticks when I want a snack but it will only happen if I begin the process now and make the commitment to follow through on it.

Here’s to success!

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit