The Best Doctor Office Visit

The other day, I went in for my yearly woman’s doctor’s office visit, to a place I’d been going to for nearly a decade.

Once there, I learned I was assigned a new doctor. I’ve had a few over the years, all of whom I liked, but none like this….

She was a truly one-of-a-kind, special doctor that you see in the movies but thought never existed in real life.

I know. I sound like I have a school girl crush. But in all seriousness, she was so rare I want to celebrate and spread the word on how good a doctor’s office visit can actually be, and here’s why:

  1. She entered, shook my hand and spent TEN MINUTES talking to me about myself and my life. She read notes the previous doctors had written and used them to ask about her new patient – me! (And FYI – she didn’t read from the notes; she came it knowing them.)
  2. She explained Every. Single. Thing. she was doing, reviewing and/or touching.
  3. She told me a little about herself, making it so much more personable (and trust me, in the position one is in during these doctor’s visits, this is incredibly appreciated…)
  4. She read my chart and DID NOT ask if my husband and I were going to have children. Every time I go, I have to tell my doctor we are not considering having children and then, we have to go through the song and dance of them trying to make sure I know what that means at my age (after 35, pregnancies are considered “geriatric”.)
  5. She had warm hands and told me when things were going to be cold.
  6. She was chatting with me so much about my book and family traditions that a nurse had to knock on the door to tell her the next patient was waiting…
  7. She then took off her gloves, shook my hand and told me what came next. I told her I was very happy to have her as my new doctor and she smiled, saying she was very happy to have me as her new patient, looking me straight in the eyes.

Pinch me please. Did I die and go to heaven?? To me, it’s rare to have this kind of treatment and doctor/patient relationship.

If you are in the southern Beach Cities area of Los Angeles, feel free to message┬áme to ask for her info. I have no idea if they are taking new patients, but I have never felt better about a doctor’s office experience than I did yesterday.




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