9 Days Till Christmas – Giving Back

Today, I decided to give back by spreading positivity.

I am a big believer that positivity begets positivity and the energy we put out in the world comes back to us.

Today, I decided to take advantage of any opportunity that came my way which allowed me to spread positivity and you know what, when one stops to look, there’s nearly endless ways…

I like to write in different settings outside my house and today I chose a fast food restaurant (and no, I did not have a diet coke even though the soda fountain was practically calling out to me…) I got up to use the restroom and saw the attendant was just beginning to clean it. He was going to stop in the middle of polishing the door to let me use it but I stopped him instead and told him no rush, I could use it when he was done. He smiled and was surprised. Later, when I was walking home, a bicyclist was on the same sidewalk as I and it was narrow. Rather than make him stop for me, I climbed onto the grass hill to my left and smiled, letting the biker pass by. As he did, he smiled back and said, “Thanks. Appreciate that.” At the fish store, I selected the fish my husband liked, rather than the one I do. I asked him what he wanted with it and cooked him a dinner he enjoyed – butter garlic lemon wild mahi mahi, steamed lemon broccoli, salad and baked potatoes with butter and greek yogurt (seriously, put down the sour cream and use greek yogurt, it’s awesome!)

I’m not writing this to pat myself on the back. I’m writing it to show how simple it is to be kind and spread positivity. And it came back to me ten fold already as I feel better than normal this whole day.

Try it. Tell me what you think…

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