Road Tripping Day 4

Today, we headed out on the open road, leaving Central Florida behind as we made our way toward North Carolina.

Stopping in Savannah, Georgia, for lunch, we ordered some local fried fish and grilled shrimp. Absolutely delicious! And the pralines were to die for. I can’t say we fit right in though….

As we walked down a waterfront street in the historic district,  a twenty-something girl, who was outside on the cobblestone selling tours, called out to us, “Woah there, we don’t walk that fast here in Savannah.”

As I turned around to see if she was smiling, I saw she wasn’t. My husband called out, “We haven’t eaten. We’re hungry!”

She returned with, “Well, I guess that makes it a little okay” and cracked a smile.

Observation – things move slowly in Savannah and the people, even slower.

I dig it though. Different strokes for different folks. And perhaps I do walk a bit too fast… something to ponder….

But before I leave you tonight, allow me to let you in on a few other observations I made while out on the open road today:

  • a sign along a freeway in South Carolina read: “Speeding ticket $200 AND 30 days in jail”    (italics are my own)
  • gas was approx $2.15 at different gas stations for over a hundred miles (in LA, they fluctuate by dollars within a few miles of each other)
  • a dead deer in the middle of the street is a very sad sight indeed
  • sparkling water is not a convenience store staple at all convenience stores
  • there is an actual real store called “Park and Blow”


Till tomorrow…




3 thoughts on “Road Tripping Day 4

  1. Wow, I’m surprised someone actually took time to tell you to slow down. My parents moved to Savannah last fall and I would think strangers there who tell you to slow down are really inviting you to ‘sit a spell’ on their porch! Glad they had a sense of humor about your hunger urgency. It’s not a good idea to start an argument with a ‘hangry’ person – let alone two! :)

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  2. Hilarious!!! Before you leave the South try and hit up some antique stores. The have a lot of history. Especially in Savannah. Totally rich of architecture and history.

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    • We did a little shopping but unfortunately, we didn’t have that much time in Georgia but we did go to some cool thrift/antique shops in North/South Carolina that had some interesting things. But you are soooooo right, the architecture and history of these areas is so vast and rich!!!!


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