Road Tripping Day 1

Thank you for joining me for Day One of my two-week Road Trip Journey.

Please forgive me though, I’m operating on not enough sleep and fear I will either ramble or head into an incoherent zone that no one needs to see, so I will keep this brief.

I managed to wake up at 3:45 am after going to bed after midnight, surprising even myself with that one. (I’m far from being a morning person.) But I did it, with the help of my husband, and we¬†made it to the east coast safely… after a stretch of logistics.

Isn’t that how most trips begin these days?

All logistics.

Ordering a ride share, lining up for TSA pat down, checking in, getting boarding passes, renting cars, finding transportation, navigating.

With every trip I take, I do get more efficient and that thrills me, as it allows me to get to the good stuff much quicker, but there are still things I need to work on.

Like sleep. I don’t do well when I don’t have enough of it. I can get moody. Snappy. But considering I know this about myself, why on earth do I not bring assistance when traveling? Like a neck pillow for sleeping on a plane. After I jealously watched the man next to me sleep like a baby with his, I vowed to get one for next time.

I’m sure my husband will appreciate this idea too. He was my pillow all flight, as much as my contorted body would allow.

Let’s just say it wasn’t sound sleep.

But it’s nearly 1am where I am so I’m going to shut this down, close my eyes and get the precious sleep I speak so fondly of while putting the logistics of traveling all behind me so I can wake and get to the good stuff.

Till tomorrow…




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