Flow of Flying

rushing, packing, night before if smart, morning of it not. time is key. unless you travel with parents. then them against you. three┬áhours early or ten minutes before boarding… rushing regardless.

drop-off war zone. luggage wheels flexed. lines. security. lines. questions. gates figured out. sometimes after a few tries.

check-in. phones out. id’s ready.

sitting. waiting. relieved. anxious. technology or sleep?

flight delay. wtf? or boarding. yay! lines. pushing. rudeness. smiles.

seats made for children. uncomfortable. taxi’ing. time moves slowly.

take off! finally. reading. time check. sleep. time check. uncomfortable. time check.

landing. 10mph. phones out. claustrophobic. bags everywhere.

wheels flexed. lines. attendants.

people in all directions. gift shops. phone calls. bathroom time.

baggage claim sometimes. hopeful. waiting. eyes peeled.

taxis. uber. friends. family. chaos. exhaust. cars and you.

till next time….





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