Countdown till Christmas – 4 days to go!

I decided today I was going to do something in an effort to help the homeless. I didn’t want to just go out and find someone to hand money to though. So I searched online for a way to help a shelter in my area.

And I found the Beacon Light Mission. It’s been around since 1902 and started as a place for soldiers to rest. After WWII, demand was great and they grew in size and became a fully functioning shelter for men. It moved locations again in the 1970s and has gone through changes over the years but still remains a shelter for homeless men. And in 2011, a twenty-bed Women’s shelter was added on.

After researching both shelters, I learned each has a wish-list on Amazon for things they need so I hopped on over to the site, using Amazon Smile (my choice of charity is UNICEF), and I ordered a bunch of underwear for the shelters to give to those who stay there. The address was in the system, allowing the packages to be sent directly to the shelters. And they’ll get there just in time for Christmas!

It’s amazing how one can find a vast array of ways to help others if they just simply look. It isn’t enough to post a meme on your Facebook page or say out loud that you’re against something. It takes action.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
– Ghandi



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