You may have been born in 1977 if…

any of the following rings a bell, applies to you and/or you can relate:

  1. VHS was a very real thing to you and you may have even created a mix of films taped directly off the television or HBO if you were lucky. 6 hours baby. That’s three movies.
  2. Landlines was not a word. We had phones with cords, long ones for mobility. And some of us even had beepers. (FYI I was not one of them.)
  3. “TGIF” was cool.
  4. “Beverly Hills, 90210” was the real deal. Remember when Brenda took a pregnancy test?! I nearly lost sleep…
  5. A foam rectangle called The Step was neon and popular as hell.
  6. Speaking of neon, 25% of your wardrobe was in that color scheme.
  7. You remember the numbers on McDonalds “Burgers Sold” climbing to a billion….
  8. Smoking sections existed. And they were everywhere.
  9. You dreamed of Kirk Cameron taking you to prom. Or maybe Alyssa Milano?
  10. The Internet came about somewhat quick, at least it seemed that way since you were busy finishing high school and trying to make sense of what the hell to do next.
  11. You never got a trophy for being adequate. But then again, you never really cared about trophies to begin with.

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