11 Reasons Why Working At Night is Awesome

Night work. Starting your day when other’s are winding down theirs.

Perhaps you’ve been there. Maybe you haven’t. Or maybe you’re there right now as you read these words….

I’ve worked nights throughout my life. When I was an assistant editor in TV, I would start my day at 7pm and end at 5am. I lasted a few months shy of two years before I realized I had no life and couldn’t make films.

Restaurant gigs then worked well for me, so I went that route instead. I tried to give up nights and did so for many years, but just as Michael Corleone said, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! ”

Haha, not exactly. It was my choice but I’ve once again returned to nights and in honor of that, since it’s been a looooooong time, I’ve decided to write this post:

11 Reasons Why Working At Night is Awesome

1. There is no traffic, to and from work. (I live in Los Angeles. This is a BIG plus.)

2. You get to see your city/town asleep.

3. No lines at places that are open. Especially grocery stores. The store is yours at 6am. And movie theaters. 10 am screenings and you’re likely going to get center row, middle of theater with no one in front of you so you can put your feet up.

4. The phone doesn’t ring while you work.

5. No one expects you to show up for social events. Ever. So it’s super fun and surprising when you do.

6. Offers you a different perspective on living.

7. You’re the first to hear groundbreaking after-hour news.

8. The bond you form with other night-owls. There’s something special about working in the wee hours of the morning, when everything is still.

9. Parking is typically not as much a problem. (Again, I’m in LA….)

10. You catch both sunsets AND sunrises.

11. The reactions of people when they see you having a glass of wine at 7am are priceless.

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