Some days are just plain stressful. Maybe it’s coming from your career. Maybe it’s of a personal nature. Maybe it’s both – gasp! Wherever the stress comes from, it hits you sometimes, right? I mean, who among us hasn’t had a day you just wanted to make go away?

This month has been rather intense for me. From having deadlines with film and writing, to being forced to move and find a new place to live, to switching my work schedule back from night to day, I’ve been juggling a lot of balls in the air and it hasn’t been the easiest of times.

That said, it hasn’t been the hardest either. Just stressful. And yes, stress is part of life but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Nature speaks if one is listening though and the other day, it sent me a message with a way to help make it easier…

First, a story:

My husband and I were shopping at our local grocery store and we were both not feeling very well. Cough and congestion. While he was picking out some veggies, I strolled around. It’d been a stressful week and I was running the list of things I had to do in my head as I aimlessly drifted in and out of the aisles.

And then I saw nectarines.

I was craving them earlier and was happy to see they were on sale. I stopped at the large aisle bin and started to notice my breathing, as I took in the sweet smell of a fruit I adore.

I wondered about my breath. Had I even been breathing this past week?

Sure, I know, it’s automatic. Thankfully, the mind and body kick in and focuses on it despite its owner’s lack of attention.

But at that moment, I was paying attention as I breathed in deeply. Focusing on air going in and out, I saw my husband checking out celery and I felt a wave of happiness come over me.

Why is it that we focus on what’s hard or what’s wrong rather than what’s great and what’s right?

Thank you universe, for the wonderful reminder of how to reduce stress:

Breathe. And see the good.




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