Make Healthy A Habit – Day Eighteen

Today, I have been under the weather. It was odd but late last night, I woke up with a fever and chills and have felt horrible since.

Being sick is part of life. Fortunately, I can go years without getting ill but this year, I haven’t been so lucky.

So I must deal with it.

It’s very tempting to keep going while sick but I’ve learned from past experience that is exactly what I shouldn’t do (unless I absolutely have too.) Today, I was able to take off so I did and I listened to what my body needed…

Rest. Fluids. Protein.

And then, I received something I did’t even know I needed but so did. It’s made this whole experience so much better.


My husband not only went to the store for OJ and medicine but he’s been my nurse all day, checking in on me and showing me love while I shiver under the covers before sweating it out.

My eyes are closing now, so I must go. Tomorrow I hope to be back to 100% percent. But even if I’m not, I know I have to listen to my body to heal it.

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit


**For the original idea, please visit here.



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