Out Of The Haze

I’ve been sick these past few days. The sick where your nose is so stuffed you feel like you’re drowning. I got some sinus bug that doesn’t seem to want to go away but the orange juice and tomato soup I’ve been ingesting is trying to force it otherwise. And slowly, I’m coming out of the sick haze…

But two days ago was another story.

I was in bed, all day, in a nighttime-cold-medicine-induced-fog, and I had time to think. Sure, my thoughts were all over the place and half the time I think I was dreaming, but one thing my brain kept wandering to is the list of things I’ve been wanting to change but haven’t done a damn thing about. Things that are bad behaviors. Things that I know if I do change – like saving more money and not drinking as much wine – will only make me a better and happier person and yet, it never seems like the right time to make any changes. There’s always a reason not too. But in my sick daze and confusion, it all started to make sense, albeit in the most basic and simple way. (There’s a thin line between complicated and simple…)

The only thing stopping me was me.

Now, as I come out of the haze, I’m realizing…

Sometimes things have to get a little cloudy before the clarity comes.


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