A Walk

I had a few errands to do today and fortunately had some extra time so I decided to take a walk to get them done. I also wanted to write a blog today but hadn’t committed to one idea for it yet. Then, as I was putting on a shirt before hitting the pavement, I was struck with the thought of combining these two things, so…

Here is my walk with pictures (and a little writing to round the story out.) I recommend doing this yourself too. You’ll be surprised at how much more you notice when you have a camera in your hand on your walk.

A Walk

Off I go!

Lovely… but killer on my sinuses.
photo 5

With a bright blue sky though, I’ll suffer.
photo 4

These signs are EVERYWHERE. (I don’t have a pet…)
photo 3

Is this a large bonsai tree???
photo 2

First stop, where my sour-puss faced helper informed me that they can open up my media mail package to make sure I’m not lying about what’s inside. I replied, “Wow, that’s a lot of time. Fine, as long as you put it all back together.”
photo 1

It’s like a drunk not able to pass a bar. photo 5

Of course I bought something.
photo 1

Third stop (because it’s in walking distance.) I prefer Von’s, Sprouts and Fresh & Easy but they aren’t…
photo 4

photo 3
My theory: they’re trying to piss off…

the McMansions being built directly across the street.
photo 2

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