East to West

I was born on the east coast of America, in upstate New York. And I lived there until I was ten years old, which is arguably during intense growing years of influence and shaping. After I left, I’ve probably visited Buffalo every two or three years for one reason or another. So, the east coast is in my blood.


I’ve lived in Southern California after that, since I was ten. Los Angeles has been home for the majority of my life, with the exception of five and half years spent in San Diego for college (yes, it took me a little longer to graduate…)

Point being, I was a bi-coastal child of sorts. Today, I can meet people from the east coast and relate to them right away. My accent will come out and before you know it we’re talking about pop, snow days off of school and the fact that there’s a brick church on every corner (and if you’re one of those NYC snobs, there is more to New York than you guys, sorry to break it to you… moving on) I can also relate to people from the west coast though, perhaps more so. I’ve gone to junior high and high school here. I was here for the big quake of ’93 and the LA riots. California is part of who I am.

But then, so is New York.

So, as I was thinking about all this, I decided to use my knowledge for good.

Ways to know someone is from California or New York… (albeit in a general manner)

1. 70 degrees will either make you put a jacket on or a pair of shorts.

2. Public transportation is a way of life or a heard-of novelty.

3. Real or make-believe?

4. You know seasons change by the actual weather or from how stores dress their front windows.

5. Walking will mean more than “to the car.”

6. People smile at you, fake or not, rather than ignore you.

7. Close is considered to be either around the block or thirty minutes away.

8. You want a coke and will either ask for a soda or a pop.

9. Your day will be affected by either carpool lanes or public transit breakdowns.

10. You hold a prescription for Atavan or marijuana.

11. Calling a cab will take either five or twenty-five minutes.

Any other ways out there??


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