Quiet Please!! The Universe is Speaking…

There are times you have to just Stop. Listen. Think. And Do.

And your only guide is the Universe.

Yes, I’m one of those. I believe it’s true. The universe DOES in fact speak to you and I.

Not always. And not in complete sentences. But the winds blow a story and if your eyes and ears catch it, messages may linger long enough for one to be able to learn a little something from them.


There will be times you like what the Universe is telling you, and it’s a no-brainer. You just easily go along with it. You even think it’s genius and you ponder how on earth you didn’t see it before. Ah…

But then, there are times where you want to ignore the Universe, pretend it doesn’t exist and even convince yourself that it simply has no idea what it’s talking about it….

Come on, we’ve all been there.

Who doesn’t have a fickle relationship with the Universe?

Recently though… I’ve begun to notice some changes….

The Universe started to give me platforms to stand on and then it threw out a few opportunities I could go after, to gain and learn from. It did though, also give tests and curve balls and I have the bruises to show the pain that came with them.

But as I dealt with each obstacle, I grew stronger and more honest, until one day, I suddenly realized the Universe DOES have my best interests at heart and it WILL reward sincere behavior…

But NOT without hard work.

And you HAVE to be paying attention.

Now, what I call the Universe, another may call a Spirit. or God. Buddha. Allah. Jesus. Peace. Love. Guru. Nothing.

Whatever. It’s different for everyone.

But if we listen.

Truly listen.

We can hear which way our winds blow and what the Universe is saying…



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