You might like wine too much if…

you’re like me.

I love wine. I love learning about wine. Drinking wine. Pouring wine. Selling wine. Smelling wine. Looking at wine… Yeah, pretty much anything about wine will catch my attention. From the delicate nature in which the grapes grow to the winemaker’s idiosyncrasies, wine making is an art form that I very much enjoy. And yes, the relaxing nature of drinking it is quite the profound enjoyment for me.

But it has been brought to my attention, however, that I may perhaps like wine a little TOO much. Hah, is there such a thing? Who knows, so maybe you can help me decide.

Do you like wine too much if…

1. the smell turns you on?

2. you never turn down a glass?

3. you have wine withdrawals when your last glass was yesterday?

4. you go to wine tastings and actually teach the person behind the bar a thing or two?

5. you know what the predicate system is?

6. you’d rather go to Sonoma than Vegas?

7. wine is always on your grocery list?

8. you base your food around your wine, and not the other way around?

9. you think a whole bottle can easily be for one?

10. your wine fridge is more filled than your kitchen fridge?

11. you’re able to drink it with breakfast?

So, what do you think?


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