I’ve recently started reading Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer”.

This is a famous book, for many reasons, but I’ll admit, it hasn’t been high on my list. But when I saw it at a used book sale, I thought, hell, I’ve been meaning to read it and so I bought it. Now for those of you who don’t know, and for those of you who do please bear with me, this book came out in the 1930s and rocked the world. It’s explicit, in particular in sexuality, and it wasn’t until 1964 when the US Supreme Court declared it “non-obscene” (whatever that means according to whom, I don’t know) that American readers could purchase it.

I tend to love anything that dares to venture beyond societal controls. Not just for the purpose of such, but rather for the purpose to expose the world to new ideas and shed light on being different and thinking different. I love that. And perhaps it is this value that lead me to reading this book. Nonetheless, it got me thinking about censorship and how ridiculous it all is.

Living in the age of political correctness and watering down everything to make sure one’s subject matter appeals to everyone, I tend to not care much for modern-day news programs, newspapers, television shows and films. I don’t want to hear what is kosher, I want to hear what is true. That said, I’m a filmmaker and I hold high regard for those who think for themselves, go after what they want and are not afraid to voice how they really feel. And this book seems to be one of those. While it may not be that outrageous in present day, it was in its time and when one dares to think outside the box not just to do so but to actually state a point of view, I wholeheartedly stand up and applaud.

Censorship is the devil. It’s limiting and yet is done so in the name of compassion.

But Free Speech is the engine that drives freedom.

Without it, those who are governed, are doomed.

Don’t be fooled otherwise.


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