Difference of Opinion

Lately, I’ve been thinking a bit about difference of opinions.

Being someone who has no problem with expressing my beliefs, I find I often anger others if they don’t agree with me or I don’t agree with them but I don’t understand why anyone would waste time and energy on being angry or indignant if I’m not forcing anything upon them. Beliefs run strong and that is a wonderful part of being human but I find that rather than use reason in dealing with difference of opinions, anger and/or resentment is often the choice of the majority.

But how are difference of opinions anything to get angry about? Now, if something is forced upon someone, then by all means, one must fight for their beliefs but if not, is it not beneficial to hear difference of opinions? I find they will either change one’s beliefs through the processing of new information or reinforce your beliefs and either way, one grows as a human, do they not?

And how exactly is this a bad thing??

Fortunately, I’ve been raised to think for myself and understand not everyone has to think like me. Also, I personally believe that it’s best to teach through example rather than through anger, bitterness or comment. So the best I can do is be who I am, live my beliefs and work for them and treat others in the manner that I would like to be treated, (granted they are not imposing any force upon me.) But, as mentioned above, not everyone thinks like me and so I am continually saddened to see all the name calling, the insults, the mightier-than-thou attitude, the disrespect, the intolerance and the blatant disregard for difference of opinions that is seemingly everywhere, from Facebook statuses to the President of the United State’s speeches.

Speaking of which, a very important election is coming up in a few months here in America and I’m noticing many people are treating others who disagree with them with a level of contempt that befits Hitler.

While we may not all get along, can we not treat one another with respect rather than contempt if one has a difference of opinion other than our own?

I’ve found teaching is best done by example, so perhaps if more people thought about the way they acted, difference of opinions wouldn’t be so hard to deal with…

That’s my opinion and it’s okay if you disagree :) But I’d love to hear why though…


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