Stream of Positivity

It’s easy to get distressed about the state of America (yes, the world as a whole but I’m writing about my homeland for purposes of this being a blog post for the Fourth of July 2012.) And I bet good money everyone, who are ANYWHERE on the political spectrum and aware of even a little about the affairs of this country, would have something to say about what’s wrong with America.

The list is long and plentiful, I believe.


There are good things too and those are rarely talked about or thought of. As one who talks about politics and/or reads politics on a daily basis and therefore get depressed quite often, I decided today will not be a day I focus on what’s wrong. But rather, today, I will focus on what’s right. Because yes, America has its challenges, its dysfunctions, its disasters and its idiocy but it also has its glory, its independence, its fight, its brotherhood and its specialness.

This list might not be as long as it’s partner, Mr. Negativity, but it’s not too short either.

Here’s my stream of positivity on some good things about America!

built on the principal of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, allows the possibility for anyone to change their situation in life through the work of their own mind and body, the UNITED states, the different climates, “brown vs. board of education”, the constitution, opportunity to openly protest, the soldiers who defend it, the first amendment, the separation of powers, the dream it stands for, the opportunity it provided for my grandparents, the life it allows for me, the beauty of its strength, the thirteenth amendment, its flag, its atlantic and pacific shores…

I invite you to add to this list with your own positive thoughts about America…

Cheers, Happy Fourth of July!


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